Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN) Columbia University
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CIESIN—A Center of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

Mailing Address and info:
61 Route 9W, PO Box 1000
Palisades, NY 10964 USA
Tel.: +1(845)365-8988
Fax: +1(845)365-8922

CIESIN group photo

Location and Directions | CIESIN Staff Directory pdf

Office of the Director
Robert S. Chen, Director
Marc Levy, Deputy Director

Lisa Muenichsdorfer, Senior Business Manager
Gina Dinnegan, Administrative Coordinator
Linda Pagliaroli, Grants Coordinator

Geospatial Applications
Greg Yetman, Associate Director
Olena Borkovska, Senior Research Staff Assistant

Tricia Chai-Onn, Geographic Information Specialist
Alyssa Fico, Senior Research Staff Assistant
Dara Mendeloff, Geographic Information Specialist
Jane Mills, Senior Research Staff Assistant
Linda Pistolesi, Geographic Information Specialist
John Squires, Senior Research Staff Assistant
Anne-Laure White, Research Staff Assistant

Data Center Services
John Scialdone, Manager
Yitzhak Gitelman, Digital Archivist
Merlie Hansen, Senior Metadata Specialist
Maria Elisa Lukang, Information Specialist
Joe Schumacher, Senior Information Specialist
Elisabeth Sydor, Communications Coordinator

Information Technology
Sri Vinay, Associate Director
Hans Bosch, Operations Manager
James Carcone, Senior Systems Analyst, Programmer
Branko Djapic, Database Administrator
Robert Downs, Senior Digital Archivist
Annie Gerard, Media Designer, Programmer
Saleh Ghani, Systems Administrator
Kytt MacManus, GIS Programmer
Frank Pascuzzi, Senior Systems Analyst, Programmer
Al Pinto, Senior Media Designer
David Strom, Senior Systems Administrator
Xiaoshi Xing, Information Scientist

Science Applications
Alexander de Sherbinin, Associate Director
Susana Adamo, Research Scientist
Sandra Baptista, Senior Research Associate
Paola Kim-Blanco, Senior Research Associate
Xue Liu, Remote Sensing Scientist
Valentina Mara, Senior Research Associate
Pinki Mondal, Senior Research Associate
Jennifer Mulvey, Program Coordinator
Swetha Ramaswamy, Outreach and E-Learning Coordinator
Emilie Schnarr, Staff Associate
Kira Topik, Senior Research Staff Assistant
Sylwia Trzaska, Associate Research Scientist
Kevin Tschirhart, Project Coordinator
Marcus Walsh, Senior Research Scientist
Yanni Zhan, Senior Research Staff Assistant

Associates and Visiting Colleagues    
Roberta Balstad, Director Emeritus and CIESIN Fellow
Robert Worrest, CIESIN Fellow
Rebeca de Bakker Doctors, Alliance Intern
JiaoJiao Luo, Visiting Scholar
Koji Osuni, Visiting Scholar

Zhen Wu, Visiting Scholar
Lili Zhang, Visiting Scholar



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